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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  December 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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of the warehouse. they brought out this charred machinery and analyzed it. they wouldn't say what it is or why. while atf agents look for the cause of the fire, alameda county district attorney investigators continue with their criminal investigation. they met with neighbors across the street to get their surveillance video. atf agents are asking for patience. it will take the mapping team three days to create the diagram and atf agents say this does not appear to be an arson. they also say there's a possibility that they may never find out the cause of the fire. live in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. there's been an outpouring of support in the bay area in the wake of the fire and this evening, a different way for people to help. kpix 5's emily turner on the series of fundraising concerts now planned. emily. >> reporter: yeah. this is the rickshaw and that on that poster is the band that
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will play here tonight at 9:00. there are three benefit concerts this evening. joshua james jackson and others will be performing at santa rosa's arlene francis theater at 6:30. then back here in the city of san francisco, the easies are among those playing at amnesia starting at 9:00. the dna lounge is hosting a band at 8:00 and next wednesday a big show at oakland's fox theatre. ♪[ music ] as city didn't offset the tempers that >> reporter: boots riley the hieroglyphics and others are also on the line-up. proceeds from that concert will go to the gray area foundation for the arts, oakland spire relief fund. tickets start at $35. so there are also two online fundraisers working with the city as of noon. the oakland a's along with the raiders and warriors foundation have raised more than $450,000.
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that includes $50,000 from each team and in the second fundraiser by the gray area foundation of the arts, they have raised more than $560,000. those are just two of the online crowdsourcing ways that folks in the community all over the world and the country have been donating to the victims of this fire. i'm going to take a deeper look at that at 6:00 so tune in then. live in san francisco, emily turner, kpix 5. the cold weather in kansas city did not offset the tempers that flared in the stands at last night's raiders-chiefs football game. allen martin has the cell phone video that shows fists flying and fans tumbling down rows of seats. allen. >> reporter: it was something, liz! this happened towards the end of the game. it was about 20 degrees and the wind chill was even lower but it didn't stop fans from fighting and it was more than just, you know, pushing and shoving and yelling at each other. [ screaming ] [ cursing ] >> reporter: people were slugging away pushing each other down the aisles over the
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seated. one woman goes flying down the steps! a chiefs fan looks to help a fan and gets hit with a right cross to the head and then disappears. it was nasty! the man who shot the video says all game he could feel the tension building so he kind of expected it. >> nobody really in the right. but raiders game big riehlry eight hours to drink before the gates open. that's probably cause for disaster. >> reporter: some are actually saying this was like the old raiders-chiefs rivalry days. there's a lot at stake in this game. the chiefs won it, moved past the raid nicer first place in the afc -- raiders -- moved past the raiders in first play in the afc west. a woman was charged for assault after she punched a man in the face cutting his lip. one chiefs fan tweeted, just the typical raiders game. you know, two weeks ago we showed you it was the miami dolphins hometown fans fighting with 49ers fans. so, liz, you make the call. >> there you go. we just learned some of the specifics about the plans for a new stadium to keep the raiders
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in oakland. details of the development plan involve a partnership between the city, county and investors led by former nfl player ronnie lott. oakland would give up control of the current site but the mayor says there is no financial risk to taxpayers. a public hearing is set for next tuesday and a vote will take place to get the proposal to the nfl. well, turns out it was a good thing when east bay woman was cooking. she had a medical emergency. that started a fire and that brought help. it happened at a home in san leandro. a pot was left on the stove. moments later fire started in her kitchen. fire crews showed up. they rushed to put the home out [sic] and then performed cpr on the woman, who was in her 70s. >> it brings everybody's spirits up a little bit that we have positive outcomes like that. >> initially we saw four fire trucks, about three police cars, i was a little bit worried. >> hopefully, all goes well. merry christmas and all that
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good stuff. >> reporter: fire crews were able to revive the woman, who was rushed to the hospital. no word on her condition. police have made an arrest in a sexual assault case on the san jose state campus. they say a student is responsible for some of the recent incidents. kpix 5's len ramirez on how the campus has gone on high alert. len? >> reporter: that's right, liz. this campus has 35,000 students. it's right here in the middle of downtown san jose. the university has always said that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to keep crime in that urban environment from creeping in. but that said, this is an escalation that has students scared. san jose state students in says the university is lighting up their phones with text alerts about crimes on campus includingsix sexual batteries. >> i'll get a phone update at 1 a.m. and someone else was mugged or some other person was assaulted
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on campus. >> reporter: now a suspect is in custody and is a student. acting on a tip, police arrested a 19-year-old man who also goes by the name david kong. this surveillance picture was taken after an incident at the student union. they say he admit to other cases but don't think he is the only suspect groping women. >> we are, unfortunately, in a situation where we believe that we are dealing with more than one suspect. >> reporter: the latest case happened wednesday afternoon near a stairwell in the science building duncan hall. a man grabbed a woman and fled. >> this is something that hurts a person's feelings, shakes their confidence to the core and it's a crime. >> reporter: students say they are trying to take precautions. >> i'm more aware of my surroundings on campus especially going to the library at night. >> reporter: it's hard to feel safe, they say. >> i live on campus and we had someone actually walk into our dorm. so i feel like as -- as a
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whole, the campus does need help with safety. >> reporter: the campus is taking steps. it will be adding 24 surveillance cameras around campus. it's in the middle of recruiting right now to add an additional six campus police officers. and in addition to that, starting over winter break, it will add light around dark areas to eliminate spots where people can't be seen. live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. a high school teacher in san jose under arrest accused of having sex with a student. now the superintendent is speaking out about the case. trudy hill is a teacher at santa teresa high school. she has been accused of luring a 17-year-old senior into a sexual relationship which allegedly took place from august to november. the superintendent called the case horrific and disappointing. >> public education, we have a lot of trust that's established just because we're the system of education. and when an adult violates that trust because they are in a position of power and authority
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it, puts a black eye on the entire organization. >> hill is out on bail. she is the fourth employee in that school district to be arrested for alleged sexual assault in 2016. crews in san francisco scrambling all day to fix a busted water main at a busy intersection in the south of market neighborhood. here's a live look at the scene from chopper 5. crews have fixed the pipe that broke. they have the water back on. but they still need to finish resurfacing the road. it happened at 3 a.m. on 4th and howard street. the asphalt was covered with several inches of water and mud. crews cleared out the mess and then drilled two giant holes so they could reach the water main. the pipe that failed dates back to 1895. and the city's puc is well aware that it has a lot of aging pipes. >> so we're looking at places where one, we can somewhat identify to the best of our
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ability more aging pipes through a leak detection program and where we can do them such that we have minimum impact on neighboring businesses. >> this afternoon workers poured concrete into the gaping holes. we are told it will be closed for the rest of the evening. the drivers couldn't catch a break along part of busy van ness avenue in san francisco earlier this morning. a tree was uprooted near van ness and green streets. northbound traffic was blocked off as crews cut it up and hauled it away. the rain soaked city streets earlier today but many people were ready for it. there were umbrellas all around san francisco before noon. and a live look now at ocean beach where some of the highest tides of the year are expected this weekend. the king tides could get as high as 7 feet. and with the high tides, more rain. let's get right over to kpix 5 chief meteorologist paul deanno. >> the radar, liz, is beginning to show signs of activity sitting offshore. some heavier showers that will
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move in this evening and overnight tonight in the north bay. you will be first. but during the day today, we did have some showers in marin, sonoma and solano counties. right along the silverado trail east of highway 29 we are seeing some showers up valley from the city of napa. futurecast shows a wet picture tonight. 8:00 the rain crosses the border from mendocino county and lake county into sonoma county. look what happens if you are going to be out around midnight. some parts of the bay area it is already going to be pouring and the heaviest of the rainfall will cross the golden gate at about 5:00 saturday morning setting the stage for part of your weekend to be a washout. we'll talk more about that and when the sunshine returns coming up in about 10 minutes. all right, paul. see you then. thanks. other bay area headlines, a north bay family is in the hospital after getting carbon monoxide poisoning from a faulty wall heater. firefighters called to an apartment on leafwood drive in novato last night. they eventually evacuated more than 20 people from the rest of the complex. and concord police want
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your help to find this guy. they believe that he swiped donation money from the chapel at st. agnes church. they say he also stole someone's jacket and a cell phone. surveillance cameras caught him driving away in a pickup truck. san francisco's mayor is saying no to an effort to cap short-term rentals like airbnb to just of 0 days per year -- 60 days per year. he says the limit will drive more people to skirt the law. the current law allows hosts to rent homes for up to 90 days a year. and rented out rooms in houses and apartments for an unlimited number of days. bay area pet owners are fighting back. coming up new sections of popular parks off limits but owners refuse to give up their trails. >> plus, chaos on board an airplane. passengers now questioning the evacuation procedures. >> and a local uber driver is helping passengers get into the holiday spirit. ,, ,,,,
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oo fight over new rules just released that restricts off leash walking areas. pet owners are howling mad and threatening to sue. jackie ward is in pacifica at one of the areas that could be off limits. jackie. >> reporter: this is a very popular place to come and hike with your dog. but may have limited access and some dogs wouldn't be allowed on some of these trails. and this isn't the only area in san mateo county that would be affected. 6-year-old abby loves nothing more than strutting around [ non-english name ] sniffing the grass and hunting for gophers. blaze is abby's owner and says
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this is a routine for 40 years. >> it's open, safe, no bad dog behavior except frolicking. >> reporter: right now they are allowed to be anywhere in the area. a map shows the changes the ggnra has outlined. according to recreation and dog advocates in san mateo county that means half the dog walking trails here would be taken away. >> it negates aspects of individual responsibilities and ownership. it's not heavily populated at one time. >> reporter: a member coastside dog works with safe our recreation a group that promotes responsible dog ownership across marin, san francisco and san mateo counties. >> this is a case of the park service trying to take a cookie cutter approach to park management. the cuts they are proposing to make, they have not come up with a plausible reason for these cuts especially down in san mateo county. >> reporter: the ggnra says this plan has been in the works for 14 years and has included a
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year's worth of public comment and in a statement wrote, quote, there is no consensus on this issue. and we are a park for everyone. we are updating a nearly 40- year-old pet policy to reduce conflict between visitor groups, protect natural resources and ensure a future for dog walking, off leash recreation and dog free experiences. under this proposal they state more than a third of the trail mileage would be open to dogs as would nearly a third of beach mileage. and the ggnra says that it is the only national park in the country of the 413 parks that already allows off leash access to dogs. still, opposition groups have filed a lawsuit and if they lose, these changes will go into effect sometime next year. in pacifica, jackie ward, kpix 5. the next big tech idea could be in the works in oakland this weekend. more than 250 middle and high schoolers of color are expected
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to attend the fourth annual brothers code event. participants will be able to practice coding and programming skills and explore the vast range of exciting career opportunities within the tech sector. they will also have a chance to network with some tech professionals. >> it's important for our young people to actually have a mix of hope and exposure but also skills that can help them able to participate in our growing evolving economy. >> the event is organized by the hidden genius project along with the center for social impact and oakland unified. it starts at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning at merrick college. close to 20 passengers who survived an engine fire on a flight are suing the airline. they say they were ill prepared to deal with the emergency. but reporter peter greenberg shows us says it's passengers
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to need to take more responsibility. >> reporter: seconds before take-off, flight 383 came to an abrupt stop engine in flames. >> everyone on the right side plane jumped up and jumped on us because as soon as the explosion happened, there was fire. >> reporter: one of 18 passengers involved in a lawsuit against american airlines and the plane's manufacturers. boeing and general electric. among the allegations is that american airlines failed to instruct passengers on proper and safe evacuation procedures. but on this cell phone individual yosemite planes overhead were in the open position indication that people took their carry-on bags with them. they have to evacuate the plane with 90 seconds with both exits blocked. in this cabin simulator flight attendants are trained how to
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evacuate a fully loaded plane. >> leave everything! >> reporter: pauline harrison is a safety instructor with delta airlines. >> our biggest challenge is that people do want to take their luggage off the aircraft. why in the world would you stop and take a selfie or a bag or anything like that? >> but we live in a selfie world everybody wants to take that selfie. >> yes, sir. but that person that does that is going to keep from you getting out. >> the flow of oxygen, breathe normally. >> reporter: flight attendants say the problem is the safety video. as detailed and entertaining as it might be, they say passengers either don't listen or worse yet they ignore the video altogether. >> before the flight, only 12 of our passengers had read the safety briefing card. and only about 24 had paid attention to the safety demonstration. >> reporter: chesley sullenberger was the captain on board the legendary flight now known as the miracle on the hudson. he says it may not be until people die during an evacuation that the traveling public finally pays attention. >> that was peter greenberg reporting. american airlines responded to
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the lawsuit saying it's proud of its team who responded under challenging circumstances. a change for cell phone use tonight planes is in the works. the department of transportation proposes that airlines let passengers make phone calls during flights using wi-fi. some people say that would bring in too much noise. others welcome the idea saying it gives them more time to work. ♪[ music ] >> it will be fine because everybody talks quietly on their cell phones. [ laughter ] all right. weather time. we have some rain moving in which will wash out part of your weekend. the bay bridge looking beautiful as always. how much rain? when does it get here? when does it leave? i have all the answers for you crutch. >> and coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, a pizza parlor for sale on craigslist. the search for a new owner to take over a beloved bay area restaurant. >> but first, the markets were up again! here's a look at the closing numbers from wall street.
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we are were all just discussing how horrible of an
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idea it would be to have cell phones on an airplane! [ applause ] >> we'll talk about weather but you think about that, too. kpix 5 hi-def doppler showing a lot of rain to our north. rain building to our south and west all of this setting the stage for another round of steady soaking rainfall to move through the bay area tonight and tomorrow. this is a wonderful start to our water year which began on october 1. we are 2.5 months in. 32% above average for livermore. 57% above average in the north bay. that's santa rosa specifically. we are still above average for san francisco. and just slightly below average for san jose but tomorrow morning's rainfall will likely take care of that. you may have noticed it wasn't chilly outside today. i wouldn't call it warm but were in the low to mid-60s. oakland 63. livermore and san francisco 61. santa rosa checking in at 58 degrees right now. overnight tonight mid-50s but the big story will be the rainfall moving in. fremont you drop to 56. livermore 57. and san rafael 55 degrees.
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if we had this setup over the past several years in wintertime just half the time, we would not be talking about a drought. it is the perfect pattern to bring in storms. high pressure locked into our south low pressure locked into our north allowing storms to only take one path. and that's right into southern oregon and northern california and you see things really beginning to blossom over far northern california. that will work through the bay area overnight tonight. it all adds up to a soggy night and start to your weekend. check out the colors. the heavy rainfall in the far north bay up to 11 p.m. tonight that will work south. by 5, 6, 7:00 tomorrow morning, at sunrise it will be pouring in the tri-valley. it will be pouring in hayward. the rain is heading towards san jose. rain will taper off to showers by the afternoon. so if you have outdoor plans tomorrow if you can do it later that will be better and drier. watch the cloud cover go away. by sunday morning, we should be mainly sunny. so the only rain this weekend is saturday. and most of that rain falls before lunchtime tomorrow. here's a different representation of what we expect. this is futurecast over the
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city of san francisco. temperatures are mild but check out all the rain. tapering off to just kind of cloudy skies and a few showers by the afternoon and by the evening. how much rainfall? we average this time of year about one inch of rain per week. that's how much we need to stay at 100%. we are nearly going to get that tomorrow morning. hayward .7", a little more for san jose, less for san rafael and san francisco half inch. tomorrow high around 60 in redwood city and fremont. 59 san francisco. concord 61. san jose 61. mainly morning rainfall. a wet start to your weekend. sunday partly to mostly sunny skies a little cooler and breezy. we stay dry on monday but the rain is not done. another soaking rainfall likely on tuesday. and a third chance of soaking rain, that will be one week from today next friday. that is your forecast. we are back with more news in two minutes. ,,,,,,,,
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move over james corden... meet "do good jonathan"...and his uber karaoke... ♪[ music ] move over, james corden. meet do good jonathan and his uber karaoke. jonathan is a rolling performance artist in san francisco whose medium is his automobile. he supplies the props and the passengers provide the voices. this is his latest masterpiece. mariah carey's all i want for christmas is you. >> it's impossible to not dance and sing to that song when it comes on. impossible.
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you have to do it. >> liz was. >> you have to. it's a requirement. that's it for kpix 5 news at 5:00. cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the killer speaks: >> i did it. >> pelley: today, jurors heard te confession in the massacre of nine worshippers at a historic charleston african american church. also night: cbs news is inside aleppo, syria, as assad's noose tightens and the innocent flee. il reporter: these families have been walking for well over eight hours. they don't really care where they're going, they tell us. >> pelley: once-leading contender rudy giuliani is out o the running for secretary of state. and steve hartman, with a war correspondent for a war that ended more than 70 years ago. >> there are really super hero n rld war ii vets out there, and i want to meet them.


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